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Comprehensive Medical Eye Exams in Raleigh-Durham

Comprehensive Medical Eye Exams in RaleighAt Kelly Eye Center, we go beyond vision evaluations and provide comprehensive medical eye health exams that offer a detailed look at your overall health. While a vision exam is an important part of understanding your eye health, we take a proactive approach to detecting and diagnosing other potential eye health problems so that you can begin treatment as soon as possible and enjoy better vision. Your medical eye health exam will evaluate your vision and look for other eye conditions, including:

Many of these conditions don’t show obvious symptoms during the early stages. That is why we offer patients throughout the Raleigh, Durham and the Triangle area affordable and comprehensive medical eye health exams. With early detection, we can slow the progress of degenerative eye conditions and work to preserve your vision.

Eye Health Exam Details

It is important that older adults and anyone with certain risk factors, such as a family history of eye conditions, receive regular eye health exams. We recommend that patients visit us at least once a year to update any eyeglass or contact prescriptions and undergo a thorough eye health screening that will identify any potential problems. With regular eye health checkups, you can effectively combat eye diseases with customized treatment plans. Call today to schedule your medical eye health exam. With convenient locations across Raleigh and the Triangle area, it couldn’t be easier to receive a comprehensive eye exam that uses the latest technology and techniques to evaluate your eye health. Visit the area’s premiere eye health center today to protect your vision and enjoy better overall health and wellness.