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Many people avoid getting contact lenses because they don’t want to spend the money. When you work with Kelly Eye Center of Raleigh-Durham, you don’t have to settle for poor vision. With our incredibly accurate and cost-effective contact lens exam services, you can get the perfect prescription and expert guidance without breaking the bank. We believe that everyone has a right to enjoy optimal eye health. That is why we work to provide our patients with the best in cutting-edge technology and industry best practices. Our team of highly trained professionals will take you through a comprehensive eye exam that not only ensures you get the right contact lens subscription, but also offers a detailed look at your overall eye health.

Are You Ready to Switch to Contact Lenses?

While some people prefer glasses, they can get in the way during sports or other activities. If you are ready to be free of your glasses and make the switch to contact lenses, Kelly Eye Center can help. We will begin with a contact lens eye exam to determine the right prescription and fit to provide optimal vision based on your specific needs. If you have never worn contact lenses before, we will take the time to train you how to care for and insert your new lenses for maximum comfort. Proper contact lens care will also help you avoid any irritation or other problems. Call Kelly Eye Center today to schedule your contact lens exam appointment and discover just how easy and affordable it can be to protect your vision health and get contact lenses that will help you see more clearly and get back to enjoying your favorite activities.

Please note: We only offer contact lens exams at the Brier Creek location.

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