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Eye Lens Replacement Surgery in Raleigh-Durham, NC: Advanced Lens Implant Options

 Kelly Eye Center is proud to offer Raleigh area patients with Advanced Technology Lens Implants that are specially designed to improve vision at all distances. This eye lens replacement surgery ensures that you will have a fuller, more natural range of vision. Traditionally, eye lens patients would still need to wear some form of glasses most or all of the time, but new eye lens replacement surgery approaches and technology allow most patients to live a largely glasses-free lifestyle post-surgery.

Standard Lens Monofocal

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Advanced Technology Lens

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Monovision Correction Surgery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lens implants are inserted during cataract surgery: a small incision is made by laser, the natural lens is removed, and the lens implant is placed in the eye. The procedure can be performed in a matter of minutes while the patient is awake, and the recovery time is relatively short.

Yes, lens implants are designed to be a lifelong, permanent solution for vision correction. Once the damaged lens is replaced with an artificial lens implant, it stays there indefinitely. Lens implants are usually made from biocompatible materials that are well-tolerated by the eye and can provide long-term vision improvement without the need for further intervention. However, it's important to note that regular follow-up visits with an eye care professional are still crucial to monitor eye health and detect any potential issues that may arise over time.