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A thorough cataract and IOL (intraocular lens) consultation from Kelly Eye Center will help you better understand your existing eye health and allow you to take proactive steps towards protecting your vision.

What Does the Cataract and IOL Consultation Involve?

The consultation lasts approximately 2.5 hours and during this time, the team at Kelly Eye Center will perform a series of measurements to evaluate your entire eye and determine what type of IOL might be best for you based on your visual and lifestyle goals. Dr. Kelly will begin by fully dilating your eyes in order to conduct a comprehensive ophthalmic exam. Based on the results, he will then go over the risks and benefits of cataract surgery, as well as, all options available to meet your visual needs. Finally, if you are ready to proceed, you will have the opportunity to meet with our surgical coordinator to schedule your surgery. Part of your consultation will also include our staff taking a look at your insurance plan to discuss payment options and provide a surgical estimate, when possible, for your selections and surgeries. Kelly Eye Center has locations across the Triangle so that you can enjoy easy and convenient access to comprehensive cataract consultation services.

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