Oculus Pentacam

The Oculus™ Pentacam™ is a form of corneal topography used at the Kelly Eye Center. Corneal topography measures the curvature of the front corneal surface through a combination of computer-assisted video imaging and data analysis. To pictorially quantify corneal astigmatism, Dr. Kelly orders a Pentacam for each cataract evaluation. The Pentacam maps and measures corneal astigmatism by acquiring 50 measurements of both the front and back surface of the cornea in approximately 2 seconds. Dr. Kelly will then compare the Pentacam measurements to the Zeiss IOL Master and Cassini measurements for verification of astigmatism, and to make astigmatism and lens implant recommendations. The Pentacam is also utilized to perform corneal power measurements across different corneal zones in patients who have previously undergone refractive procedures.