All About Cataract Surgery Recovery: 5 Helpful Tips to Ease the Process

All About Cataract Surgery Recovery: 5 Helpful Tips to Ease the Process

Recovering from cataract surgery is generally a straightforward process. However, like any medical procedure, taking precautions after cataract surgery is important to ensure a smooth and successful healing process. Here are five helpful tips from Kelly Eye Center that you can follow post-cataract surgery to ease your journey back to clear vision.

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1. Limit Strenuous Exercise

In the initial two weeks post-cataract surgery in Raleigh, NC, avoid strenuous physical activities like heavy lifting, which can exacerbate eye pressure and potentially disrupt the incision site before it fully recovers. More physically demanding exercise, like high or low-impact sports and swimming, should be postponed for a month.

Avoid bending over for the first 48 hours after the surgery to prevent eye pressure build-up. Also, avoid forceful coughing or sneezing after cataract surgery.

2. Shield Your Eyes from Irritants

Post-surgery, your eyes may feel sensitive to environmental factors. Protect your eyes from irritants like dust, dirt, and pollen, and keep your eyes clean from makeup like mascara and eyeliner. Wearing wraparound sunglasses will protect your eyes from these irritants and help with light sensitivity. After surgery, you may experience eye sensitivity, but you should avoid touching your eyes to prevent infection.

3. Be Cautious Around Water

After cataract surgery, patients should avoid water exposure to lower the risk of infection. Wait at least one night after surgery before showering, and avoid getting soap and water in your eyes. In Raleigh, NC, consult your eye doctor to see when it’s safe to start swimming or using a hot tub.

4. Avoid Driving

Resuming driving post-surgery should be done with caution and only upon the advice of your eye doctor. The world often appears brighter after cataract surgery, and you might find that sunglasses or driving glasses help moderate bright light entering the eye.

5. Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Make sure to follow all instructions your eye doctor gives regarding precautions and timelines for resuming daily activities, and maintain regular follow-ups. If you experience any concerning symptoms like vision loss, eye pain, or spots in your vision, contact your Raleigh, NC, eye doctor immediately.

How Will My Recovery Be Monitored?

At Kelly Eye Center, you will be invited for multiple post-operative appointments following your procedure. This enables Dr. Kelly and his team to monitor your progress and confirm your eyes are healing as expected. During this initial recovery phase, you will get guidance on using your prescribed eye drops to prevent infection and inflammation.

With a success rate of over 90%, laser cataract surgery patients typically notice strong vision improvement within a few days. Rest assured, your progress will be closely tracked in the weeks following the surgery by either your primary care optometrist or our dedicated team. Vision impairment can be burdensome, but at Kelly Eye Center, we offer hope through our range of tailored cataract surgery options.

To learn more about our innovative surgery methods and to kickstart your cataract consultation appointment, contact Kelly Eye Center today. Speak with our friendly and experienced staff, who look forward to getting to know you and building a lasting relationship.

**Please note that the suggestions provided in this blog are for general informational purposes only and may not be suitable for your specific insurance plan and cataract surgery recovery needs. It is important to consult a qualified healthcare professional for personalized advice and treatment.