a close up of a person's eye with a bottle of eye drops.

Less Drops Cataract Surgery

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, more than half of all Americans will develop cataracts by age 80. A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye, which can cause one’s vision to become blurry and distorted, leaving colors dull and daily activities difficult.  Fortunately, new advancements and technology have made cataract surgery one of the most effective and life-improving surgical procedures performed. 

When it comes to the cataract removal process, there are many steps to go through and choices to consider.  But did you know that eye drops don’t have to be one of them?  It’s true!  With less drops cataract surgery, patients can greatly reduce the number of drops required, saving them both time and money.  Less drops cataract surgery represents an innovative method of administering antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine directly into the eye during surgery. In the weeks following surgery, the medication is slowly absorbed over time so that you can heal and enjoy better, cataract free vision without having to worry about numerous drops. 

Less drops cataract surgery

Advantages of less drops cataract surgery include:

  • -Safe and effective cataract removal and care
  • -Reduction in the number of prescription eye drops for 95% of patients
  • -Cost-effective; patients who choose less drops cataract surgery save money on eye drops, which can cost upwards of $300 depending on insurance
  • -Hassle-free aftercare; eliminates the need to keep a complicated log of post-operative drops
  • -Reduces the risk of retinal swelling or infection when compared to patient administered drops

Think less drops cataract surgery might be the right option for you?  Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Kelly at the Kelly Eye Center today!  Dr. Kelly was the first surgeon to offer the less drops option in North Carolina and, having performed over 50,000 eye surgery procedures, he is a leading physician in the greater Triangle area.