All Medications in One Bottle

OSRX Pharmacy for Raleigh-Durham Patients

Post-op drop care for cataract and LASIK patients can be challenging and expensive. Our OMNI medications improve the patient experience by compounding multiple medications into a single bottle to streamline dosing. This simplicity reduces barriers to use and promotes easy adherence. OMNI medications are water-soluble, gentle on the cornea and ship to your practice or patients free of charge.

Advantages of OSRX Pharmacy

OSRX’s 503A compounding pharmacy simplifies post-op care by combining all prescribed medications into one bottle, lowering costs and the amount of drops used daily by the patient.

For the formulary Kelly Eye Center will prescribe most often, the cash-pay model is a flat-rate fee of $35 per 5ml bottle with free shipping which is likely less than most copays for a single drop. Should you have questions about the status of your drop order or refills, please reach out to OSRX Pharmacy at (855)-466-1076.