Go see the world, but leave the eye drops at home

Dropless Cataract Surgery for Raleigh-Durham Patients

With traditional cataract surgery, patients have to administer eye drops often.

Fortunately, Dr. Kelly is the first physician to offer dropless cataract surgery in North Carolina. This method greatly reduces or even eliminates the need for drops, which means that you save money on prescriptions and you can get back to enjoying your favorite activities even sooner.

Dropless cataract surgery represents a cutting-edge method of administering antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine directly into the eye during surgery. In the weeks following surgery, the medication is slowly absorbed over time so that you can heal and enjoy better, cataract free vision without having to worry about drops.

Advantages of Dropless Cataract Surgery

  • Michael-kellySafe and effective
  • Eliminates the need for post-operative drops among 95% of patients
  • Cost-effective. Dropless cataract surgery patients save money on eye drops, which can cost up to $300
  • Hassle-free surgery aftercare
  • Reduces the risk of retinal swelling or infection when compared to patient administered drops

The benefits of dropless eye surgery make it a great choice for the right candidate. That is why Dr. Kelly is proud to offer this procedure to patients throughout Raleigh and the Triangle area.

Life is Beautiful. See it Clearly!

With dropless cataract surgery, you don’t have to worry about paying for or administering drops several times a day after your surgery. The experts at Kelly Eye Center of Raleigh can help you reduce costs and enjoy better vision through the latest in innovative procedures. Call today to learn more about this popular option and schedule a consultation.